Gym Software, Modular and Scalable

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A modular software, by definition, is gym software that is developed with the customer's needs in mind; it is designed to follow a strategy that allows the user to choose to install only the functionalities they will use.

These functionalities or modules can be added later based on future needs.

This software model has the primary advantage that you only pay for the functionalities you are going to use, making the program much more cost-effective.

Advantages of modular software


Reduced costs are one of the main advantages of modular systems. By having the option to choose only the necessary modules, the user will only pay for those functions, resulting in a lower overall price. This is an advantage for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are not required to pay for modules designed for larger companies or with more departments, which they may not use.


With this modular model, we can start with a basic set of functions, and as our business grows, we can gradually increase the number of modules according to our needs.

Ease of use

software para gimnasios -  facil

Thanks to the scalability mentioned in the previous point, companies can implement the software more quickly. The learning process is thus much faster and simpler, as users grow along with the company. This way, users quickly learn to use the main management modules, and then progressively integrate the rest of the modules.

Net4Gym as modular cloud software

Net4Gym is a cloud-based management software for gyms developed by AulaDrupal aimed at all gyms that need to manage the commercial information of their business. Net4Gym is created as a flexible, scalable, and secure, platform that seeks to adapt to your needs. With Net4Gym, it is possible to choose a base modular configuration and later add the necessary modules.

Net4Gym allows you to choose the functionalities that best suit your business thanks to its modular system, where you only pay for the functions you need.

Furthermore, Net4Gym boasts an intuitive design with its simple interface, you can access it from any mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are, as the administration panel management is entirely online..



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