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"Get to know the occupancy of your gym from home and train without waiting, thanks to the occupancy ratio module."

This is how you can introduce this new functionality to your clients.

The "Occupancy Ratio" module is a useful tool for gym users. This module allows users to check the percentage of occupancy in the training area before heading to the gym. This way, clients can better plan their workouts and avoid peak hours with high occupancy.

The module operates by collecting real-time entry control information from sensors installed in the gym, whether through QR codes, fingerprints, or other systems. The information is processed and displayed on an online dashboard that users can access from their homes or mobile devices.


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The 'Occupancy Ratio' module enables users to make informed decisions about when to visit the gym. For instance, if the occupancy percentage is high, users may choose to go at a different time of day or opt for a different activity. Moreover, this module can help reduce the waiting time to use certain equipment and training machines.

In summary, the 'Occupancy Ratio' module is a valuable tool for gym users. It allows them to plan their workouts more efficiently and avoid peak hours of high occupancy. Additionally, it can help reduce the waiting time for the use of certain equipment and training machines.


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