Management program experiencing significant growth

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Net4Gym is cloud-based gym management software developed by AulaDrupal and aimed at all gyms that need to manage the commercial information of their business. Net4Gym is created as a flexible, scalable, and secure platform that seeks to adapt to your needs. With Net4Gym, it's possible to choose a base modular configuration and later add the necessary modules.

Our software is constantly evolving, growing with new features aimed at improving the management of your centers. That's why many specific developments requested by our clients, are eventually included as part of the base application.

With Net4Gym, you can choose which functionalities best suit your business thanks to its modular system, where you only pay for the functions you need.

Among them, we can highlight:

  • Time Tracking Module

All companies are required to keep an effective and real-time control of the number of hours their employees work. With Net4Gym, you can accurately and effortlessly record working hours thanks to process automation. Employees themselves are responsible for recording their working hours, and you only have to confirm them. Whether it's from a mobile device, a computer, or a tablet, have all the information centralized in Net4Gym, always visible, and generate reports with accurate data.

  • Training Tables Module

There is no universal exercise routine, but for each goal the user wants to achieve, there will be one or several routines to achieve it, depending on their needs.

Net4Gym makes this process as simple as possible so that you can create organized, clear, and quick routines that your users demand.

  • QR Code Access Control Module

This access control method is increasingly used for its technology and features, especially to manage entry access to facilities. For its operation, software is needed to manage the QR codes that will be later validated.

Net4Gym, developed by AulaDrupal, combines QR code readers with smart electronics that validate the scanned codes. Net4Gym manages the QR code, which is sent on demand to the user's mobile phone. Once the user has the code, they can bring the phone close to the reader, and the reader will read the QR code displayed on the screen. The Net4Gym application connected to the reader will allow or deny access according to the rules established in the application.

  • WhatsApp and Email Notifications Module

With this module, we will maintain total contact with our users, sending them commercial communications or notices of any kind (appointment management, reservations, updates, etc.), using WhatsApp or email.